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LAKE SKINNER is going to draw a crowd with the DVL ramp closure.

UPDATED–Since the announcement of the closure of the ramp at Diamond Valley in April, a couple of things have happened. One, guys are getting out to Hemet for one last hurrah–no one knowing when it might reopen.

And more significantly, anglers have to figure out where to fish. Perris will take some of the traffic, yet Elsinore is not an option and Vail still doesn’t have its pricing in order. Like it or not, and regardless of the plodding 10 mph speed limit, that place is going to be Lake Skinner.

While it too, suffers from low water, the fact is, the average fish is very good, and as seen with the latest flurry since trout plants were resumed, there are some very big fish to be had on top of that nice average.

The facilities at Skinner are excellent, parking substantial and distance relatively the same as DVL, depending on where you live. But here they don’t let you get up on plane (well, maybe that first run in the morning) but even that (more…)

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Without dismissing the various bass fishing specialists around the Golden State, to see ourselves as others do is to recognize that California’s bass fishing image continues to diminish as the “brightest stars” take their leave. (more…)

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