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COMFORT ZONE will be compromised when the new boat arrives in the next week or so.

Over the years, it seems the there was always some trepidation over changing tools: rods, reels, sonar and so on. And the fact is, there’s something to that.

Reels (baitcasters, anyway) were always an issue…though much less so now with the quality models featuring smooth revolving spools under control, usually by magnets.

Casting distance was an issue with the older equipment, which let to the cottage industry of “tricking” or “tuning” reels for max distance.

Still, there was that place, where on one side of the dial, you could wing it, but on the other you’re picking out loops.

Sonar images, of course, have changed, but even the most sophisticated ones still only render images–they aren’t cameras. With experience, you “see” enough pictures at varying frequencies and you finally get comfortable with your equipment.

Now I’m hoping the same will be true with a boat. The “red boat” is close to becoming a trade-in–maybe as soon as the end of the week, so the accompanying, nostalgic shot above Boulder Station, may be the last of its kind.

However, while the new Z-8 could arrive and get final rigging by Saturday’s team tournament, I’m not switching. Not just yet.

The Z-7 has let me fish the last several U.S. Opens along with lots of local trips, and has truly become an extension of how I fish (well, how we fish, my son Mike and I) and we’re not ready to switch horses so close to this NBW race at El Capitan.

Of course, I’m hoping the new rig with the new electronics and more horsepower than I’ve ever hung on the back of one of mine, will eventually feel just as comfortable. So hoping we give her a nice send off.


4 Responses to “New tools take time to work for you”

George, be sure to check the Motor Mate website to see if your existing Motor Mate will work with your new bigger motor!

I just checked the Motor Mate website, and it looks like you may need to buy a new one for the bigger motor. 🙁

by Gene Borne

Hi George, Will you new Nitro Z-8 (is it also going to be RED?)have this Accessory?

Awesome, I’m excited for you.