Rare find

SCHURMY’S SHAD, still in the package!

UPDATED 3:45 P.M. (Link added below)–Nothing like a new boat to force you into digging, dusting and moving through eons of garage clutter and paleolithic layers of old fishing tackle. How coincidental (and possibly fortuitous) that my most recent excavation found something perfectly suited for our summer boiling bass.

Indeed, there were several of Kent Schurman’s “Schurmy’s Shad,” an aluminum body spoon, made to stay up on top, yet compact enough to cast. In San Diego for a time in the 1980’s was easily the most popular and effective lure for the task.

Clearly it would have probably produced far out across the country–if those Neandrathals were yet using spinning gear for bass fishing at the time, or the industry had the mechanism to take such products to anglers across the Southeast or elsewhere in the Sunbelt.

FIFTEEN MINUTES of fame. The lure deserved better.

What else might be different today, is what was not available in the 1980’s. That is the hardware: the assorted clips, wire rings and after-market hooks that could be employed to “upgrade” the original.

But you’d have to admit, the 1980’s version was pretty slick with its combination of Mylar “scale” tape and bit of airbrushing. But wait! Click here.

So yes, I revel in my good fortune (I found them in an odd box from my days at Western Outdoor News). Not merely that I found them, but that half a dozen of them were still in the packages–maybe 10 in all.

You can see how they looked, the original with Ketchum Lure Co. on brown construction paper and the later, slicker packaging. (And yes, even I was amused at what was written on the back.)

Anyway, as the water warms and the open water surface action heightens, I have another tool. And while these lures ain’t new–they’ll sure be new to this generation of largemouths.




6 Responses to “Remembering or reviving Schurmy?”

by Guy Williams

Used to sack the bass up at Sutherland on them back in the day! Wish I had a few now for sure.

by George Kramer

Found ’em. See link in updated version, Guy. 🙂

Just because something is old doesn’t mean it isn’t still useful. I crank with Bomber Model A’s that I bought over 20 years ago and they still catch fish, and my crank rod is a pistol grip, 5.5′ Daiwa VIP 50 glass rod that Larry Nixon (when he was sponsored by Daiwa) recommended I buy. I love that rod.

I still have a bunch. Let me know when you get bit George and I will get out my bellbottoms and my Lettermans Jacket.

LOL Gotta see that, Rick!

I still own one of these myself.