Having been beaten to death by four years of drought, my haggard brown lawn almost matches my hope of ever seeing wet sidewalks again. And so we carry on, each year hiking farther and farther up the ramp to where we parked the truck.

Yet, the mad (or is that maddening) scientists are almost delirious with their forecasting of a wet winter, placing odds as high as 90 percent or more that the El Nino condition will run through the winter and an 80 percent chance of it lasting until next spring.

Of course, at this point we’re willing to believe almost anything and from any source. Like Roboworms changing their name to Injectoworms, Diamond Valley Lake halting boat inspections, or the coming out of some Bassmaster Elite angler.

But you get my point. I’ve had my arm out the driver’s side window so long my palm is sunburned.

Yet the “experts” are feeling pretty froggy right now. The latest ENSO report is being labeled an El Nino Advisory and significantly “predicting a strong event at its peak strength.”

So, kind of like with Christmas, I’m waiting with anticipation.

But will El Nino be there? Not sure.




4 Responses to “Odds favor El Nino–dare we believe?”

I’m crossing my fingers. One good El Nino won’t get us out of the 4 years drought but it sure will help.

by Terry Battisti

George, one only needs to remember the winters of ’78, ’83, ’93 and 2002 to know what’s coming ….. at some point.

Terry, Go back to the Spring of’68 & the Winter of ’69! I was skiing on the 4th of July, as I was in the years you mentioned!

by Guy Williams

After this weekend I believe!