clif pirch

DANGEROUS in the desert: Cliff Pirch.

While we still occasionally hear that hollow claim, “You only fish against the fish,” when it comes to the killer desert clime or the mobile Lake Mead bass population, it’s just not so. From a U.S. Open perspective, like it or not, when you’re there on the water you’re fishing against Clifford Pirch.

No one in the last decade has dominated like the young gun from Payson, Ariz. True, he’s not the only three-time Open champion, neither has he won back-to-back titles as did the other three-timers, Mike Folkestad in 2001-02 or Aaron Martens in 2004-05.

But when you look at the numbers (and listen to the respect around the room in Las Vegas) Pirch casts a huge shadow. If he hasn’t weighed in yet, he’s a threat.

Just look. Go back 10 years. Pirch has titles in 2014, 2010 and 2007, but in between he was second in 2013, 2012 and 2009. He started his run with a 6th place in 2006, and only failed to cash once–in 2008.

Taking nothing away from California product and savant, Martens, I’m thinking, “What have you done for me lately, A-Mart?” Over the same 10-year span in the Open, Martens has only his 2011 title, a third in 2009 and a 5th in 2006.

I think it’s pretty evident, the pros who show up in September aren’t going to be worried about some hotshot from the other side of the country. They’ll have their hands full trying to beat Cliff Pirch, the best desert angler on the planet.


2 Responses to “Clifford Pirch: Best in the desert”

Tough to beat on the water but one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet!

Clifford started his career with allstar bass and won three or four championships collecting new fully rigged boats and lots of cash.