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TWO HOT SELLERS: Clone Fry and Whopper Plopper. How long will they sizzle?

While neither bait is new, the fact is, both are currently on the radar–in high resolution! The Jackall Clone Fry and the River2Sea Whopper Plopper are leading the league in empty shelf pegs and Internet backorders.

The Plopper, a noisy, floating buzz bait with the clever use of its “tail” as the blade will likely peak in national attention, given it catches everything from redfish to musky to black bass (in three sizes to match).

On the other hand, the 3-inch Clone Fry has been marketed primarily as a drop-shot bait, occasionally as a split-shot bait or jig head offering. However, whoever saw this pricey little piece of plastic as a perfect, finesse offering for surface breaking fish–that’s a guy who really did something!

Fact is, that trendsetter (or group of trendsetters) has sold more of these highly fragile, $1.60 apiece plastics than all the Jackall pro staff combined. What’s more, the rampant use of the bait on surface feeders has also spurred the sale of super glue to replace “eyes” and Mend-It to repair and add longevity to each bait.

But that’s not the point of this post. Rather, I’m asking, given fishermen change the fishing environment more than anything else, how to  

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I like the Whopper Plopper. It has a Unique sound, casts well and doesn’t need to be constantly re-tuned. I think it will last more than 2.5 years.

Clone Fry’s work but I’ve already started using Tiny Fluke’s instead. The Tiny Fluke is much cheaper and I can glue on some cheap eyes and sharpie on a shad spot if I need to. Once people find cheaper alternatives the Clone Fry will disappear.

by George Kramer

So we have an over AND an under. 😉

The clone fry is the best top water bait period for up close and personal use. There are some tricks to be learned. My last outing boated 40 bass using this bait. Check out my article on how to use them on the surface!

I give it less than two years for both baits. Reasons are: Jackall won’t be able to get these baits to market fast enough and consumers will find a suitable knockoff. Whopper Plopper will be around for awhile, but will lose its shine due the nature of its seasonal effectiveness.

Rob Magargal, the link is not working

I agree with Brian, two years the Wopper Plopper has been getting em good for a while now and will peak within the next two years, i believe it will remain around but be replaced by the next big thing.

I didnt know about the jackall twitch bait, nothing new under the sun here, from Dick Trask Whammie fishies to merlots, to now jackall the fishermen will find another finess bait to sling out on 2lb test hoping to trick the schoolies.

Clone Fry— still getting it done. 500 bass this year alone on that bait. Just landed 15 more last weekend when everyone was struggling to get a bite. In the last two years using the Clone Fry I have landed more bass than any two year span I can remember in my 50 years of being on this earth hunting top water fish.

I tried to use other baits and I kept going back… why stop whats working better than any other bait. I would take guys out and show them as they did not believe what was happening. I would be up 15 to their 1 until they said…okay give me one and show how to fish those.

My son would laugh at me.. don’t you use anything else anymore he would say..My answer was, why? I did use other full hard top water baits and landed about 50-60 bass on them. Nothing like the CF.

Never forget about this letting tiny pieces of crazy looking fishy plastic.

Thank You Jackall Baits!!