True, it is somewhat of a ritual migration, going to the annual Bass-A-thon in Anaheim. However, there are no crocodile-filled rivers to cross, no risk of starvation (especially with the In-N-Out truck present) and there is always an array of bass fishing celebrities and bass catching products on display.


RICK GROVER is putting on another great show at Bass-A-Thon.

Frankly, I don’t know how Anglers Marine gets the current Bassmasters Classic champion to come out here every year, but he always does. Here in the 29th edition of the Bass-A-Thon that’s Edwin Evers, a national guy who actually fishes deeper than three feet.

But the seminar slate also features one Casey Ashley, a Bassmaster Elite winner (as well as professional country western performer), not to mention, native son Skeet Reese, a former Classic winner and Angler of the Year. (Of course, you already knew that).

Also on stage will be FLW Tour pro Cody Meyers, another Californian, plus former SoCal, Justin Kerr, now of Lake Havasu, and also a former U.S. Open and California Open champion. Everybody here is a gun.

Additionally, there will be workshops and even some one-on-one contact with Brent Ehrler (now of Newport Beach), Joe Uribe, Jr., FLW, Western Rayovac Angler of the Year now living in Arizona and Jared Lintner, another Californian with real insights on fishing in the Golden State.

And I haven’t even mentioned that here you will be introduced to a whole list of exciting baits and products. There are some you may have heard of, but now you can hold in your hands and examine.

If I overlook someone I will do them a disservice, however, I will note a couple of unusual deals. One, Andrew Hinkle [correction]will have 30 of his custom constructed “shad” lures for sale, and to get one, you must be one of the first 30, Saturday morning arrivals to get a ticket to purchase. And second, the triumvirate of Shimano/GLoomis/Jackall will have sale items with prices Anglers Marine is not permitted to publish.

Those really piqued my attention. Of course, there are tons of others. Lots of swimbaits, rats (a duck?), and swimbait rods and reels; things for the trout planting season plus some other stuff you might want to tuck away for later in 2016.

Anyway, I know I’ll be there Saturday (ties are optional by the way) and you should get there as well. I checked the Activity Tables–shopping will be way better than fishing this weekend.








4 Responses to “Bass-A-Thon better than winter fishing”

Didn’t Casey win the Classic this year? Maybe we should be putting our money on Evers the next go round.

Thanks, George for all your hard work you do to make this time of year special for all the Western bass guys and gals. But my big question is that now that you’re in the SD Top 10, are you coming in your tournament jersey to the show or your top notch suit we are all accustomed to seeing you in?

Probably going to keep the tradition going. 😉

Ah.. love that suit. You have fished it, been laid to rest in it, and resurrected in it.