Summer of the Bass coverI ask the question since most of what I read anymore are message board entries and FB posts. However (and maybe it’s due to that generational gap) I still like a story, told without the use of a text message glossary, sharing someone’s individual thoughts.

Such is Summer of the Bass, a new book that lands (wouldn’t you know it?) right in the gift-buying season. This ain’t a “Pop it twice and let it sink” kind of volume. Yet, it’s hard to pin it down with regard to regions or regional bias, but for people who still have libraries, this might be worth a look.

The author, W.D. Wetherell, is said to be a flyfisher and has never covered a Bassmasters Classic in person, but he has published more than 20 books (so he’s got me there). And the fact his newest includes both smallmouth and largemouth bass means it’s probably talking to you.

Specifically, the promo says: “Part natural history, part cultural investigation, part memoir, Summer of the Bass, in its whole-hearted lyrical celebration of the bass’s many virtues, gives America’s greatest fish the attention and admiration it has long deserved.”

Yeah, I questioned that last bit–I didn’t know there was any other kind of fish. But here are the details I was sent:

Summer of the Bass
My Love Affair with America’s Greatest Fish
By W.D. Wetherell; Skyhorse Publishing hardcover, also available as an ebook;
November 24, 2015; ISBN 978-1-63450-395-2; $24.99

Do bass guys still buy books?


2 Responses to “Do bass guys still buy books?”

I only buy books to read one trip to the head at a time. Last one was “The Mad Fisherman”. Might have to look into this book as my current book has been done for a while and my wife says the mags are cluttering up the bathroom.

Thanks George. Sounds like it belongs right next to my copy of “Bass Wars”.