The topics actually cross paths. Get the electronic version of the Matt Kramer work for free!

The topics actually cross paths. Get the electronic version of Matt Kramer’s book for free!

UPDATE: The offer for a free copy of the new book has been extended two more days.

Here’s something a little different. And while it may not be an exact fit for every upcoming professional angler, it still could help.

I’ve seen the idea put forth by others on the fishing websites–that somebody looking to break into the industry would greatly help their own cause by taking a public speaking course. The idea is to improve your marketability by working on your communicative skills, whether in front of an audience, clients or company heads.

Being a successful angler is good, but probably not enough to sustain a year-round income. Being able to confidently carry the product/instructional message, either live or on video, however, could mean more marketing opportunities and more money in your pocket.

Which leads me to this. If you’re not going to enroll in classes, at least take a look at a book, written by a younger guy (actually my son) who admittedly struggled with the idea of getting up in front of an audience. In fact, he was so successful (and it was a nervous grind for him personally) he wrote a short text book on the subject: “The Perfectionist’s Guide to Public Speaking.”

No it’s not the quickie guide for instant success, but it hits on so many points, a person who is looking for suggestions will surely find something that matters.

And maybe better than that, getting at least an electronic version is FREE, starting Sunday, Jan. 24–but just for three days! Paperback it’s a little more, but you can find details at

(There is also no charge for the shameless nepotism found in this post.)


2 Responses to “Promo help? Free offer ends THURSDAY!”

After a famous bass pro once marveled at how good his quotes came out in an article I wrote, I asked him quite pointedly, “Do you really think you talk like that? With proper pauses and in complete sentences, porch dog?” He laughed, but knew the truth. Public speaking is critical to success in most any profession and it requires training for all but the few, naturally gifted.

I strongly suggest learning whatever you can, wherever and whenever you can about the art of public speaking. It’s almost as important as nepotism.

George, Thank you and your son for this generous offer. Joining Toastmasters and using the information in this book will help anyone who needs to be on the center stage or do promotional work for their sponsors. I see it all too often that accomplished fishermen forget their sponsors or how they caught their fish when a microphone is shoved in front of them. Same goes with sports shows too.