EL NINO proves to be one rude dude.

EL NINO proves to be one rude dude.

Kind of rude, you know. With so many expecting you for the spring event, but what do we get? Nothing, not a word of explanation.

Hey, we’ve been steeped in drought for almost five [stinking] years. My lawn looks like the Sahara, and I can barely see the top of the launching ramp from the lot. Heck, everywhere else, I can see the bottom of the launch ramp.

I went out and got the roof repaired, the yard drains cleared and painted everything wood on the property. I can’t believe you would act like this! We got your early tease, then a week or so back we got a nice one-day shower.

So where are you? Basic etiquette. You RSVP if you’re not going to show up. It’s going to be nearly 90 degrees today. There is no rain forecast for the rest of February!

I’m thinking, maybe it’s true what they’ve been saying all along. You’re no gentleman at all; you’re a Monster. You’re not just a monster, you’re the Godzilla El Nino!

What is it, don’t you understand the language? Monster means BIG & BAD. Godzilla means BIG &  BAD, squared. Read my lips, you are the Billy Barty of El Ninos. You are the chihuahua of mastiffs. You, you, No-show!

Glad I didn’t buy that rainsuit.




7 Responses to “El Nino forgot to RSVP”

Read in the L.A. Times today that this El Nino isn’t acting like the one’s we’ve had in the past, therefore the predictions for So. Cal weren’t right. But they’re still hoping things will change and that So. Cal will get the rain eventually, possibly in March or April.

by George Kramer

I’m hoping too. But not as hopeful now.

As long as March is good, we will be fine.

I’ve been saying for a while that we will get normal or slightly more than normal rainfall with this el nino, not the drought buster everyone hopes it will be. This ridge of high pressure won’t move and keeps deflecting storms up north. I’ve been correct so far. That being said, I haven’t started the fairly full spring shocking schedule yet (San V, Perris, Silverwood, Oroville, Cachuma, Lopez, Santa Margarita, Skinner and DVL), so that might get things going if anything.

Kind of like washing the truck, right? 🙂

I had to start my boat engine yesterday, and was so worried about wasting water but starting it was necessary. I didn’t run it long though.

Don’t wash dishes one week. 😉