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Tournament numbers appear static in the West.

While I don’t want to label the future of western tournament fishing as contracted, you don’t have to be a behavioral scientist to see some old patterns emerging in tournament participation.

Even with the extraordinary hype leading up to the 2016 season, the new flashy websites and the addition of television coverage, the only circuit (FLW Costa Series) with more than a regional end game is the one struggling to make a good showing.

We’ll know a bit more when that circuit hits the popular Clear Lake in mid April, but the tepid number of 125 pros (more…)

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Proving there may be hope for any tournament angler willing to maintain the key elements required for success: fitness, experience, preparation, observation and confidence, Rick Clunn’s 15th career Bassmaster win in Florida is trending heavily right now. And who doesn’t like it when a legend seemingly rises from the dead? (more…)

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