humpback-rebelrebel-humpback-f2535-brown-crawdad-020554007256Who doesn’t like a re-release? Say, the Beatles, “Love Me Do” in ’62 and back again to #1 in ’64?

Or, so appropriate to the Halloween season, how about Bobby “Boris” Pickett’s “Monster Mash,” first released in 1962 and then again in 1970 and 1973. Heck, I still smile when I hear: “The Coffin Bangers were about to arrive with their vocal group, the Crypt-Kicker 5.”

So I guess, that’s how Rebel Lures must feel as well.

After all, they just dipped into their treasure trove of vintage baits and are “unveiling” the Humpback Rebel–again. It’s not the first time for the company, of course. Plastics Research and Development Company once ceased production of the Pop R, back in the 1980’s, only to reprise it as a #1 seller across the country–for decades.

Since the Humpback is a child of the 60’s, maybe it will catch fire with the Millennial bass chasers too.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t all that popular in my fishing back in the day, but I did find a clubmate who had some–at least a few with the longer billed models (see photo at left). The problem,  with a little bitty bait, of course, (the new unveiling with a short bill is listed as 1.75 inches) is you can hardly cast the thing. “You gotta use spinning gear,” my old angling buddy reminded.

Still, with the upswing in interest in “square bill” cranks and similar shallow runners, having the Humpy around again is probably a reasonable reintroduction–though don’t look for it to go to Number 1. It has a unique wobble, though as I recall, it was a little finicky on the retrieve if you cranked too fast. Still, you can see the color selection by going here.

Rebel Humpback: Love me do?





One Response to “When old is new and new is old…”

I think I still have a couple of the originals somewhere in all my tackle.