RETIRING from KGF means more fishing with this guy...

RETIRING from KGF means more fishing with this guy…

The next two days you have a chance to experience the 30th annual Bass-A-Thon at Anglers Marine, in Anaheim. It is one of the most intense (and enjoyable) two days of seminars, tackle exhibitions and boat and gear sales anywhere. Click here.

I am going to be there tomorrow (Saturday, Nov. 19) to celebrate those 30 years and also renew acquaintances with some of the all-timers such as Rick Clunn, Jimmy Houston and Shaw Grigsby. But also on hand will be a former California #1 bass angler Chris Zaldain and Arizona’s Johnny Johnson, 2016 U.S. Open champion.

When you throw in all the cool products displayed, the great group of anglers sharing stories and the palate-pleasing truck from In-n-Out Burger, it’s truly one of those places you need to be–even if for just a few hours.

But after much consideration, it’s also a good time to shut down, where I have been tossing out ideas, touts, and getting a few backlashes since I started back in 2009. It was a good place to post the annual California Top 40 Bass Angler List, but the fact is, that 20-year project (at least my version of it) is also being laid to rest as well.

The List has had its moments–some good and some disappointing–but the fact is, we gave it a shot and got to recognize a lot of the top bass guys in the Golden State. I will always appreciate the talent that has emanated from my home state-or that still plies the lakes, ponds and rivers.

Anyway, I’m sure I’ll still have a story now and again on some of the sites or in some publication. And then, of course, there is Facebook. Who knew it would put me out of work on a daily basis?

Hope to see you tomorrow. But if not, I hope you get on ’em good–wherever you fish.



11 Responses to “Bass-A-Thon…and calling it quits”

Thanks for the love over the past 30 plus years George

Thanks for all of the great reads throughout the years!

Thank you for all of your hard work and for your contributions to the sport!

All the best GK!


Say it ain’t so! A heartfelt all the best to my friend and partner.

by Jim Valladares

Thanks for all the great articles over the years George.

Thanks George! I’ll miss the blog and the Top 40, great stuff!

Best of luck, and when you see the yellow “Team Bling” machine at our “Baby Clear Lake” next Spring, be sure to say hey!!

George thank you for all the good reads!

by John Caulfield

All good things come to an end. I enjoyed reading your blog and of course the top 40 was always entertaining and provocative. We’ve had some really great conversations over the years and I’m honored to be able to have been employed by the same company as you many moons ago. Those were the days my friend!
I/m sure we’ll cross paths again some day soon. All the best!

Thanks George, tight lines- GS