MATT ALLEN rises to the top in California.

Take nothing away from our skilled cadre of tournament anglers—well, maybe just a little. This year there just was no unbeatable, don’t-even-bother-to-try, indisputable competitors to dominate on the California Top 40 Bass Angler List. For that very reason, you can roll out the red [deck] carpet for 2015’s very best–Matt Allen!

Each year, with diverse help statewide from the Bass Angler Assessment Team (BAAT) we try to discern the very best throughout the Golden State and present them on the Top 40. And by virtue of that effort, Allen, who paraded an almost unimaginable number of trophy largemouth and spotted bass from the likes of Clear Lake, Berryessa, the Delta and even the under-rated Bullard’s Bar, is the man in the spotlight. He’s clearly #1. (more…)

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EHRLER named #1...

EHRLER named #1…

For this, the 20th anniversary of the California Top 40 Bass Anglers List, the task was almost impossible determining the best bass anglers in the Golden State. Whether by peer references, point standings or merely the “Eye Test,” our Bass Angler Assessment Team (BAAT) tried to find some separation between so many fishermen with worthy, but hardly lights out performances.

Even on the biggest stages of national competition, the margins have never been closer. Yet, after much consideration, Brent Ehrler of Redlands has been named the Number One bass angler in the Golden State on the strength of his two circuit successes. (more…)

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a clipRain damage (from the little rain we had this year) led to me finding the answer to a bass fishing trivia question. That being, “How long has there been a California Top 40 Bass Angler List?”

Curious as it might seem, before I could begin my search through a broken storage box of old, water-logged publications, a gust of wind picked up a photo copy of the first such list and tossed it on my back lawn.  (Really.)

And the issue date (in Fishing & Hunting News) was April 14-18, 1994. (more…)

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He's the best one


How long of an introduction should I have here, before I lay out The List for 2013? What started as more of a historical tribute back in the mid 90’s has grown into a monster.

It’s still a tribute–but the stakes appear to have grown bigger than I imagined. I don’t think anything I’ll ever do with a word processor will ever have the impact of listing the Top 40 Bass Anglers in California.

But first, let me give a shout out to the trusted, but anonymous, consultants to whom I turn to track down the top candidates. Having lots of eyes and ears in the field is critical and have to thank the Bass Angler Assessment Team (BAAT) for adding insight. (more…)

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Fridays are always quiet in the bass world as the “players” get ready for the weekend. Many, in fact, are already on the water as EverStart and ABA Team Championships are on the slate through the weekend. Yet there is a bit more at stake than just the prizes won.

Individual finishes may, indeed, shape the annual California Top 40 Bass Angler’s List. (more…)

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CODY MEYER ranked #1.

It’s been brewing for some time, but the steadily-rising career of Auburn’s Cody Meyer has culminated in his being named the Number One angler on the 2012 California ‘Top 40’ Bass Anglers List.

Although recognized as a talent since he broke in a few seasons back, his fifth place standing in the FLW Tour Majors points was the highest ranking of any angler from the Golden State, and enough to outdistance the 40-odd year old Skeet Reese, who returned to the list after blanking in 2011.

Still it’s safe to say, the last 11 months of bass fishing (especially on the competitive side) have been “crazy,” (more…)

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MURKY CONDITIONS this year looking for Top 40 Anglers…

It has been a difficult road, trying to root out the best bass fishermen in California for 2012. But after sorting through tournament printouts, listening to peer testimony and even plowing through an increasing amount of angler campaigning, the annual California Top 40 Bass Anglers List will be unveiled Monday, Nov. 12.

With the evacuation of so many top-flight pros, California has been left with an ever smaller pool of noteworthy bass fishermen, (more…)

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After some deliberation I am pleased to announce that all those involved in the scouting and ranking of California bass fishermen will continue to apply the same standards that have been in place since the Top 40 List was first conceived.

All fishermen who call California their primary residence (more…)

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Like the results or not, the Top 40 Bass Anglers List is the most talked about blog topic every year on this site. From it’s unveiling each fall in time for the Bass-A-Thon at Anglers Marine in Anaheim and for a couple of subsequent weeks, it leads all topics in the number of website “hits.” This year, some of that conversation was captured by freelance writer and San Francisco Examiner contributor, Jody Only, who covered the Bass-A-Thon. See her video here.

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The Top 40 always raises questions, so maybe I should explain:

“The computer rankings percentage is calculated by dropping the highest and lowest rankings for each…then dividing the remaining total by 100, the maximum possible points.” Beyond that, as a matter of clarification, “Each…receives 1-25 points in reverse order of the way they are ranked.”

Sound familiar? Well, actually, (more…)

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