GEORGE KRAMER was honored in ceremony at Long Beach Convention Center in 2012. Making presentation was Legendary Angler Bill Siemantel on behalf of the Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame.

INDUCTED into the Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame as a “Legendary Communicator” in 2012, George Kramer actually began his freelance writing career in 1973. However, he is often associated with Western Outdoor News as columnist and bass fishing editor.

Over the years he has fished all over the continental U.S. and occasionally south of the border, and has contributed to most of the major fishing publications at one time or another, sharing a passion with thousands of other bass anglers.

His 1990 work, Bass Fishing: An American Tradition, is often quoted, even though Kramer admits, it almost contained a flawed Civil War reference–but he was saved by a dedicated copy editor.

A decade later he was fortunate to team up with renowned bass angler Don Iovino to produce Finesse Bass Fishing & the Sonar Connection, the first in-depth treatment on the subject. Additionally, since the mid 1990’s he has created a unique list annually recognizing the top bass fishermen in the Golden State. The California Top 40 Bass Anglers typically appears each fall.