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I just read the article “Braid saves spinning reels” from April 2010. I do love braid on my spinning reels and it does perform great in most situations. However, I am encountering one problem on some of my older reels. The small diameter braid has a tendency to get caught between the line roller and the reel frame during some retrieves. I have tried tightening the screw holding the roller but this doesn’t help. Have you not had this issue? Any suggestions as to a fix for this problem?
Greg Roach
Toccoa, Georgia

by George Kramer

“Tolerances” are an issue with older reels and braid. The kinds of fixes are not particularly satisfactory. You can use an epoxy glue or even something softer as with silicone, but the problems are obvious. If you want to disassemble, no telling what you might break with epoxy, and silicone is soft and may catch the line itself. Perhaps using Loctite (blue) that sets harder, but could be molded close to screws so there is a smooth surface. Only other option would be to go with heavier pound test braid–but that kind of defeats the use of the smaller diameter line.

Thanks. That gives me some options.