EVERY LURE has its quirks and benefits, so you need to ask and research any that are unfamiliar…

If you saw the movie “Money Ball” maybe you remember the scene when after a business meeting with the Cleveland Indians player personnel staff,  Oakland’s General Manager Billy Beane (Brad Pitt) tracks down his future assistant Peter Brand (Jonah Hill), and asks him “Who are you?”

Surprised, Brand offers the cursory answer with his name and position, much to the aggravation of the Oakland GM  who was looking for more telling information.

Of course he is/was. But the miscommunication between the veteran player procurer and the recent Ivy League grad is mostly Beane’s problem. What he really wanted to know is what and how Brand (a fictitious character) did what he did?

And there’s a lesson in that. (more…)

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After reading Ronell Smith’s guest blog on Wired2Fish, he may have been offering smart advice on tournament sponsorships, but the more critical notion he approached is how competitive bass fishing (and bass fishing marketing) is all about one big guy and a bunch of “extras.” (more…)

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ILLUSION OF MOTION enhanced by color patterns...

I believe in “fudge” colors–those combinations (veins, stripes, heads or tails) of colors in soft plastic. When I’m not sure what elements are the real trigger, or what color the forage or what shows up best in a given water color–that’s when I don’t go all in on any single hue.

As “unscientific” as that may sound, anecdotal is still better than any science practiced where I fish. And while the boys at the Berkley labs tell us what bass can’t see, the fish I catch often argue vehemently. However, I know not all bass vision is color vision, (more…)

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GET A STRIKE first. No need to hook and land many during your search...

Consider the relationship between finding and catching bass. The former is about gathering information and processing it. The second is more of what vacationers from Nebraska get to do: shriek and reel ’em in.

Searching is learning. Catching is about rewards.

Over-simplified, sure. But the fact is in getting a sense of what’s going on (pre tournament)–many get rubber-legged and don’t believe their own eyes. Instead of confidently logging a discovery, they want the prize at the same time. (more…)

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WELL DIVIDER didn't seem that practical in my Z7...

After witnessing a lot of weigh-ins in the West (especially with teams and shared-weight pro-ams) I’ve wondered why more anglers don’t remove the divider in their livewells. The fish count the same for both partners, so why squeeze somebody’s kicker into that shoebox that is half a livewell?

I’m sure there are reasons–and someone may want to chime in with their explanation–but my fishing is a lot more pragmatic. Not only do I want all the combined catch to have ample room in transit, (more…)

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CHILLY early, warmer later...

The late “Lunker Bill” Murphy used to say there were only two seasons in Southern California: summer and winter, with a brief time-out for the spawn. When you think of things that way, you don’t get ahead of yourself, trying to track the general fish movement or behavior.

But while our seasons tend to ooze into one another, that doesn’t mean you don’t acknowledge a longer thermometer in September and October, (more…)

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TROUBLE could be lurking under your prop...

The trolling motors we have today are so good compared to 10 , 20 or more years ago. The brackets, cables and inter-related systems let you weather some big waves and maneuver through some heavy green stuff. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have to pay attention to some things.

I’m talking about when plowing through the grass and it seems to take a more effort than usual. Sure, when you lift up the head and find 10 extra pounds of salad, that can be part of the problem. But sometimes the grass is hiding the real culprit. (more…)

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FLUORESCENT LINE gives you a good look...

In the early 1970’s I was first introduced to DuPont’s blue Stren line and its mantra suggesting, “A line you see is a line you control.” In time, Trilene (before the companies merged much later) offered an even mellower shade of blue, and a couple of other companies got in on it as well. But when “Golden Stren” was introduced in the mid to late 1970’s, there was also a lot of debate. Would you get bit since the fish could obviously see it too?

To his credit, then Stren pro Dave Gliebe went to flippin’ with the gaudy string, (more…)

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DON'T STOP SHORT--go to the end boundary waters to start...

APRIL FEATURE: Much like explorers of centuries past who searched for the very ends of the earth, bass fishermen would be wise to follow a similar path as they search for catchable fish—especially in “new” waters. The reason, as levels rise from spring run-off or increased tributary flows, black bass explore the newest boundaries of their habitat.

Since the beginning of the modern bass fishing era, (more…)

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Given we live in an era where Photoshop is part of every flying saucer pilot’s basic training, you can’t believe everything you see, and in the same vein, not everything you read.

So, despite “irrrefutable evidence” to either sustain or repudiate (take your pick) certain claims, I find nothing incites distrust in humankind like the list of the Top 25 largest bass ever caught. (more…)

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