Here’s what the numbers say for bass fishing in 2015.



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El Cajon FordDAY Series TOC Results Oct. 11, 2015

Team Members                      #Fish      Wgt    Pnlty   B/F      Weight      Total Points

1 Mike Folkestad-Allen Tatum 2 10/10 22.76 4.00 22.76 196.00

2 OUTHAI RASAKHAMDEE-NOY VILANYSANE 2 10/10 22.38 4.73 22.38 195.00

3 STEPHEN LAMB-Kevin Norling 2 10/10 21.82 3.36 21.82 192.00

Regina Seaberg shot

Michael Kramer signals his boat number, bringing in 14.30 pounds, best of the day at Lower Otay.

4 GEORGE KRAMER-MICHAEL KRAMER 2 9/9 22.18 3.91 22.18 189.00

5 Stu Hinkle-Ed Wood 2 10/10 20.14 2.91 20.14 189.00

6 John Getgen-Anthony Tejeda 2 9/9 20.89 3.71 20.89 188.00

7 JEREMY HOMEYER-JOEY BALDACCHINO 2 10/10 20.36 2.85 20.36 188.00

8 John Blake-Gene Collins 2 10/10 17.79 3.06 17.79 186.00

9 Chuck Miller-Rich Welch 2 10/9 19.16 .20 2.96 18.96 186.00

10 Todd Holverson-William Larson 2 9/9 17.79 3.29 17.79 184.00

11 Tom Larson-Michael McLernon 2 9/6 17.32 .60 3.58 16.72 183.00

12 Klayton Belden-Paul Leader 2 9/9 13.78 2.64 13.78 178.00

13 Floyd Jones-Geoff Pierce 2 7/7 12.54 2.69 12.54 177.00

14 Kevin Martin-Mike Martin 2 6/6 9.12 1.38 9.12 173.00

15 RANDY BARBER-Ken Kruck 2 8/8 10.66 10.66 172.00

16 LYLE HUNTER-Dustin Tingle 2 3/3 6.81 3.88 6.81 169.00

17 Mike Walsh-Jennifer WALSH 2 4/4 7.50 2.96 7.50 169.00

18 Stu Kenson-Ed Marr 2 5/5 8.82 2.72 8.82 112.00

19 Jesse Hinkley-JACOB ERPEIDING 2 2/2 4.40 4.40 105.00

20 PETE AUGUSTIN-BRANDON OGDEN 2 3/3 4.15 4.15 105.00











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21ae7bfa-db4e-4653-82b5-99f92554986b[1]I don’t know if he saw the same irony that I did, but I just got off the phone with Dave Precht, former editor of Bassmaster Magazine, once the primary and dominant word on bass fishing.

Instead of trying to convince him of a story idea for the publication, I was asking about something new tech: the B.A.S.S. News app.

Now the magazine is fine, (more…)

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LOWER OTAY will host SD Top 6…

The long-running San Diego Council of Bass Clubs Top 6 Tournament will feature anglers from each of its 18 member clubs in a challenge for club supremacy in the area, Saturday, Oct. 6.

“Historically, this is the largest bass tournament in held in San Diego County, attended with spectators from all the clubs to support their members,” says Larry Henson, president of the Southland Bass Club.” (more…)

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Keeping track of historic bass fishing data has never been one of my strengths. I lived and covered some of the western scene, but chasing the ardent, younger cadre of anglers now on the water, there’s just not a lot of time to gather up so many past moments. However, that doesn’t mean the work won’t be done. (more…)

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TV GUIDE lists Tami's show...

One of the favorite figures (er, personalities) on the western bass fishing scene, Tami Curtis, has hit a landmark for her work on her own TV show, Fish ‘n 4 Fun: recognition where it matters.  And to prove it, she just sent along a picture that says it all–her show has hit the iconic TV Guide.

Of course, you can find her on her websites as well, (more…)

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If you really want to know what’s new in bass fishing, it might be good to know what’s old. And while mere history doesn’t resonate with everyone, the fact is, everything we do today is based on something someone else has likely forged, observed or refined. A prize part of the game is the heritage and the steps that have led us to where we are today.

For that reason, the recent publication of a one-of-a-kind collectible, “A Gathering of Eagles–The History of Bass Fishing in the West” is a piece with both sentimental and historic value. And now you can get yours.

Originally developed for an intended gathering (more…)

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Like the results or not, the Top 40 Bass Anglers List is the most talked about blog topic every year on this site. From it’s unveiling each fall in time for the Bass-A-Thon at Anglers Marine in Anaheim and for a couple of subsequent weeks, it leads all topics in the number of website “hits.” This year, some of that conversation was captured by freelance writer and San Francisco Examiner contributor, Jody Only, who covered the Bass-A-Thon. See her video here.

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You’re going to be gone fishing this weekend, so hope you don’t mind a little vacation by the site-master. You’ve all figured out the latest world record hoax, have thoroughly discussed the unethical nature of fishing (and receiving awards) in your own tournament circuit, and have lauded the nature of the latest issue of magazine. For those reasons, I think it shouldn’t matter (more…)

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One of the most popular bass fishing sites in the country, has a bright new format and is now providing special video features–the latest being a full series with Shaw Grigsby, a Florida icon with lots of California experience as well. You might want to check in over there and see what else is going on in the cyber skies above the big, beautiful, bass fishing world by clicking (here).

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Not exactly in the bass fishing bulls-eye, a couple of things are on the docket in May, here at SoCal’s largest natural lake. The first is the arrival of Ronnie Kovach, host of TV’s Ronnie Kovach’s Fishing Ventures, who will be speaking Friday, May 13, at the Holiday Inn Express (31573 Canyon Estates Drive) from 7:30 to 9 a.m.

The occasion is the first of a series (more…)

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