frog vidsUPDATED–Toughest parts of a bass fishing interview are asking the right questions–and then being able to read my notes so I can tell the story. Bobby Barrack’s companion videos “Turnin’ Frogs into Toads” (1 & 2) has taken a double, make that, a triple load off my back.

For the first step, Bobby clearly thought about what information he should share–what would be essential and make sense. Second, if you get these videos, you won’t have to read my notes–nor will I. (more…)

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Rare find

SCHURMY’S SHAD, still in the package!

UPDATED 3:45 P.M. (Link added below)–Nothing like a new boat to force you into digging, dusting and moving through eons of garage clutter and paleolithic layers of old fishing tackle. How coincidental (and possibly fortuitous) that my most recent excavation found something perfectly suited for our summer boiling bass.

Indeed, there were several of Kent Schurman’s “Schurmy’s Shad,” an aluminum body spoon, made to stay up on top, yet compact enough to cast. In San Diego for a time in the 1980’s was easily the most popular and effective lure for the task.

Clearly it would have probably produced far out across the country–if those Neandrathals were yet using spinning gear (more…)

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mini set

MINI Gear Grabbar has four magnets. The red dots are very stout, double sided tape.

I confess, I have been jaded by refrigerator magnets. They can barely hold up the letters they’re attached to and by the end of the month, they slide down to ankle height. Oh, you can take a typical magnet letter set and spell out: US STEEL. But in the end those magnets read more like USELESS.

That is until I came across the Gear Grabbar (click here) a group of magnetic lure and tool-holding bars and plates that really hold baits in place.

But it not just holds them securely, the magnets are so strong, (more…)

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Not a big “eco” fan in general: too much fixing somebody or something else, and not enough horse sense employed. On the other hand, when we can do something helpful and that doesn’t require recreating the earth, then I’ll take a look. (more…)

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LOOKS NORMAL, but it’s really not.

I know we all have foul weather gear, thermals and insulated gloves, but sometimes after being out “in it” for several hours, don’t we ask ourselves what was I thinking? Wouldn’t some of this off-season be better served with a different use of our time?

How about we learn something we maybe didn’t know or fully understand? How about expanding our thinking on lures and methods we often take for granted? (more…)

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ROD BANDS from Sunline make great drop-shot sinker holders…

A recent delivery of Sunline to the office carried the braid and leader material I was looking for, but in the bottom of the box was something new: Rod Bands. Apparently, in the quest for additional marketing opportunities, Sunline came up with these broad bands that tout the brand name and also note the pound test in use.

Of course, I already knew the product line is one of the best we can fish and certainly, it’s used by some of the best touring anglers. But as soon as I got a peek at these things, I saw instant value (more…)

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THE NEW ME…. More organized.

“Organized” is not my middle name. In fact, a quick look at my desk and it’s evident, the word must be in a foreign language. But that has begun to change. No, I don’t tuck every used worm back in its tray like a sleeping grandchild, but I have revamped virtually everything I carry in the boat–tackle and otherwise.

But it’s not been easy. Having more space on board means I’m able to carry more stuff. And since I no longer have the hawk eyes of decades past, picking things out from among lots of other things has required labeling (and yes, in bigger letters). (more…)

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TODAY'S COLA catch was not too short of 8 pounds.

UPDATED, 4 p.m. Tuesday–Anybody can make a lucky cast, and I admit to those all the time. But following up on the theme of yesterday’s cola 4.8 Flick-Shake performance, we put the little worm back on display and the oily little shaker came through again. The result, this one at an even 7 pounds, 8 ounces.

While the world of bass lures, colors, scents and configurations is fraught with contradictions, sometimes it’s still okay to hang on to what works. That’s the way I think about the cola-colored Flick-Shakes (but also watermelon pepper) in the 4.8-size because they just get more bites.

Of course, this puzzles Jackall’s Curt Arakawa. He sees the sales numbers and the 5.8-inch size clearly outsells them all. Worse than that (on the stat sheet), (more…)

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EASY TO FISH at 6.7 ounces...

When Scott Sweet called me earlier in the summer, he had the idea we might get out on the water and take a look at the new baitcasting line-up from Lew’s. However, since had just done an interview with Lynn Reeves, the man who purchased the name from the Childre family, I wanted to do more than just repeat what I had heard.

Fortunately, by the time I had returned from the ICAST trade show, where everyone is touting something, I already knew that the Lew’s baitcasters had the goods. (more…)

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Since I was just talking braid use, let me go one more step in that direction. Braid needs a specialized cutter–and when you’re on the troll motor, it would be nice if it were also handy.

I try a lot of stuff. I spend more for scissors every year than my wife. I try and take care of them, but I lose stuff when I’m fishing (many witnesses can attest) so I end up just grabbing what I can reach. It might be a nail clipper or a (more…)

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