SENKOS TO DARTHEADS, the Excel 703 works

PRICE UPDATE…CHECK IT OUT: I think there are probably three key things to consider when choosing a spinning rod–and I’m not ashamed to say that one of those is price. So before I go on, I was first influenced to look at the Lamiglas Bass Excel series because I knew the brand and I liked the price (ON SPECIAL $109, retail).

Hey, a rod can only do so much despite the many claims in a game that began with the words, “You need a rod to cross their eyes when you set the hook.”  We’ve come a long way (more…)

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THE EGO S2 SLIDER NET in action...

Hey, a net’s a net, right? Doesn’t matter if you’re dipping that 5-, 6-, or 8-pounder from the local pond on a fun trip, or fishing for a big prize, when you desperately need that lightly hooked 1 3/4-pounder in the boat on the last day of the U.S. Open?

Well, maybe there’s a little difference. And ever since I first saw the EGO S2 Slider from Adventure Products (one I saw and voted for in the New Product Showcase at ICAST) I knew this one was a step-up in nets.

Just this past weekend, fishing with guide Gabe Bolivar, I got a chance for a hands on field test. I was so sure this comfortable, slick sliding and retracting handle net was going to perform, I told Gabe to leave his at home. (more…)

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In a perfect world (with murky, shallow water) I would be busting limbs with 20-pound hi-viz line, a half-ounce spinnerbait and loving it. Unfortunately, most of my fishing is clear at the other end of the spectrum, trying to generate as many bites as possible from crystal water and a lot deeper than I’d prefer.

Depending on your definition or the range of parameters you choose to include, finesse fishing, (more…)

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While I bet  I’m a few waypoints shy on some of the local lakes, with time on the water, I can make up some of that ground. On the other hand, what if I was forced to test totally new waters–against local talent–as a new touring pro? Wouldn’t it be great to have a tool that could speed up the learning curve?

Certainly, knowledge is power. And in the bass fishing game, knowledge is often a paycheck. That’s why a new product (more…)

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Okay, I didn’t get the retail price on those twist on/off soft tungsten weights from Sebile, but I did hear they may be available as soon as November.

And while many of you serious guys saw the possibilities, you should know you are in good company. Sebile actually won ‘best of show’ awards (more…)

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Everybody likes options–even little ones.

That’s why I think the little something Patrick Sebile has come up will fit in with the bass fishermen who rely on small things to make a difference. In this case, Sebile’s Soft Weight System, which lets you add or subtract weight to your hook with such applications as flukes, soft swimbaits or the myriad of Senko look-alikes.

For the purposes of getting the bait to “keel” right, especially on a steady retrieve, weighted hooks are pretty common, (more…)

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Since the entry of swimbait fishing into the mainstream, the technical evolution has not only affected the individual lures, it has spilled over onto the tackle. Because of the very size and weight of the the varied lures, what was first a lot of incredibly heavy and uncastable chunks has matured into an array of sizes and weights that don’t require a pole vault pole to throw.

And thus the curse: one size no longer fits all. (more…)

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Sometimes it’s a big deal and sometimes it’s something pretty small that makes fishing easier. When it comes to handling fluoro leader material for all the splices to braid, the Shark Tooth is one of those small pleasures. After just a couple of trips, I can say this: the thing works.

Of course, it doesn’t look like much (frankly, like something little girls use to hold their hair in place) and it was devised by fly fishermen, so we would never think to look in that direction, but it’s handy and complete. (more…)

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'COOL' not enough for me

Sometimes bullet-proof ain’t enough. And come to think of it, style isn’t everything either. So, when it comes to optics for anglers, I can’t tell you how disappointed I was after hanging around the show for the WileyX press conference this past Thursday.

Yeah, they’ve got our Skeet Reese; they’ve got the other Mark Davis; but as an optics manufacturer, they’ve also got short-sightedness (pun intended.) (more…)

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Hey, I don’t have a boat these days, so I wouldn’t have given this matter much of a thought. However, with ICAST, the national fishing trade show coming up, I have been getting a stream of product pre-announcements on what I should be looking for when I get to Las Vegas.

So here’s one.

Having stood on the sidelines for an awful lot of tournaments over the years– sometimes guys break down and the organization has to go out and find them. (more…)

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