Florida’s fabled climate (sort of like California this week) turned sour in early December, but Rusty Brown and father Rocky, still were able to sample the bass fishing at Walt Disney World–and catch over 300 bass on five different waterways.

Rusty typically takes guide clients to the popular waters around the Southland, but on this vacation he was “a client” for 17 outings (part of the vacation package) on the other side of the country. But instead of mild conditions, the South was suffering through record low temperatures.

Still, the crankbait bite was generally on, (more…)

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There was a time, winter fishing at Lake Havasu was like walking the plank. You might see the water, but you wouldn’t need a fishing rod.

But the arrival of smallmouth bass has changed everything. Guide and competitive angler Rusty Brown just got back from three days on the water: one for the WON Bass team event and two for just for the heck of it.

Well, not quite. The Rapala pro staffer and his partner David Grant of Newport Beach were taking some time to test out some new baits from the sponsor company. And wouldn’t you know it, (more…)

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isabella beast

When I fish, I prefer a lot of bites. If you’re gonna be out there, you might as well be busy. But then, when you get a message like the one I got from Rusty Brown, it’s probably okay to get just one bite–if it’s this good.

Thanksgiving Day he was up at Isabella and found himself over at Rocky Point in the morning, fishing 49 degree water. Sometime around 9 a.m., from about 18 feet of water, he got his first (and only) bite of the day.

But it turned out to be a good one. Thumping his brown and purple Proline jig with a brown Uncle Josh jumbo pig, the trophy buried the scale at 13.75 pounds. Brown said: “You’ve got to be ready when that one bite comes.”

So I’m ready, already.

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Top 40 Brent photoThe continued evacuation from the Golden State by its leading bass anglers puts growing stress on the Bass Angler Assessment Team (BAAT) as together we try and discern the best bass fishermen still holding residence. But I think the lads were up to the task with this year’s California Top 40 Bass Anglers List.

Still, as one goes through the names, the hint of Ray Davies’ obscure lyric about Hollywood’s Walk of Fame comes to mind: “Some that you recognize, some that you’ve hardly even heard of….” (more…)

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morning-pocketI’m posting a little late this morning. I guess my three-lake/three county swing wore me out.

Yesterday’s stop at Irvine lake was the complete opposite of the previous day, where bass bites had been scarce. Instead, the old Orange County reservoir was pretty much non-stop action, despite the fact the lake is definitely in post-spawn mode.

Rusty Brown, tournament angler and fishing guide (check this) from Tustin– (more…)

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